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Wow, that is something very humble and self-critical to say...

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You don't really know what a place is until you go there.

God, that's such an "easy" insight, yet so few people have it. Arriving in a new or very different country always feels kinda magical to me. Warps my mind. Also, you suddenly start to actually understand people. Not just go sightseeing. Go sightfeeling, only then you can inhale the true spirit of the place you're at.

btw, I'd really like to know more about the personal relationships to your guides. What they told you about their lives, how their jobs work, stuff like that.

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Well, with a little side-dish of backstabbery and double-play.

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You said: "Can I pay for a few of those in line so they can cut the line too?"

You meant: "I'd like to share some of my arbitrary status with those who undeservingly drew the short stick."

Guide heard: "I'd like to buy some locals."

Locals heard: "Dance monkey, dance"

:( damn fucking politics that lead to such a world

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Can you tell the idiots behind the camera to stfu because really nobody wants to hear the camera man say anything, no "beautiful", no "yeah baby", nothing, really, please. A voice from the off can make the best boner go away.

Just do your job and watch where you point the camera, and while we're at it, keep your hands to yourself, nobody wants to see Thing penetrating a vagina. Fools.

Also, I love you girls, please continue with your work :)