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Happy rare disease day!

Maybe you already knew, but if not: http://www.rarediseaseday.org

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The drinks provide all the necessary amino acids, but leave out phenylalanine. It's how we get the majority of our protein.

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I've got it and I'm 31. We are all over the place. :)

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Do you have any insight into why the genetic disorder phenylketonuria may have the unpleasant side effects of phobias, social isolation, anxiety, and social maturity deficits?

For a long time we thought proper treatment would mean a normal life but we're starting to notice a trend of the aforementioned issues in adults who have followed strict treatment for life.

If not no worries, just don't know where to look for answers. Assuming there are any!

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The most widely followed treatment is a very restricted diet, and a prescription-only protein drink that provides the remaining amino acids we can't get from food.

We also have a drug called Kuvan that can stimulate enzyme activity in the liver, but it does not work for everyone.

There is currently an injectible drug in trial called PEG-PAL that should work on everyone with PKU.

Researchers are working on other treatments and a cure as well, but the ones I listed are the only ones used currently.