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Cool! Thanks for doing this! I'm an aspiring costumer myself. I've been designing and sewing my whole life, and I've also been in theater my whole life (primarily as an actor but occasionally as a dresser/costume assistant)! I just graduated with a B.A. in English (cue Ave. Q song) and a minor in Theater, and while I'm doing odd jobs for a local costumer I'm afraid I find myself rather baffled as to where to begin. My portfolio consists of renderings I've done for class and other doodlings, and I'm thinking that a Master's in Design would probably be my best bet if I want to be taken seriously as a designer. Before I commit to a grad school (and all its accompanying debt!), what advice would you give someone trying to break in? How did you get your start? And how much schooling is necessary? Thanks so much for your answer, in advance.