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Favorites for TI3?

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Why did the team decide to ditch the Surface text logo for the Microsoft logo?

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For Andy:

Any plans to offer an subscription upgrade plan similar to Apple's? (Pay $30/month and always have the latest iPhone)

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In the first few months, how did you keep yourself outdoors, completing all those activities, being very productive? How did that change after a while, why couldn't keep go outdoors, force yourself to do things anymore. Are you marginally less distracted without the internet? Thanks

Wow, I'm the 4th commenter!

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Hi Mr Groene, Surface has always had a very distinct (and sexy) hardware design. What were your inspirations for the design (if any)?

With the Surface 2 launch, your team was very invested in custom covers for different tasks, do you see those covers coming back in the future?

Does the Surface team take interns?