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mengplex2 karma

What are your thoughts on the competition?

WWH seems to have spawned a few competitors in the co-op escape room genre but I've found the majority to be lacking in polish.

Have you taken inspiration or pointers from any of these games? eg. Could we possibly see a workshop function similar to what Escape Simulator has?

ps. great job on the games! y'all are basically leading the genre in terms of asymmetric puzzle right now

mengplex1 karma

How many of these are you planning to make? I presume you all enjoy your work - is the plan to just keep putting them out as long as people keep buying them?

I feel it was mentioned elsewhere, but if its possible to have a local game without 2 computers, for 2-4 to play (similar to ktane) that would be awesome. Perhaps a grimoire or similar would be a good fit for your world?