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from the 3rd story

Haha oh wtf

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Yea, it sounds like more like a National Guard training or ROTC basic stuff. "Just in case all hell breaks loose in Europe again, you at least know how to shoot a gun" - type situation.

Additionally, if it's a national requirement, it will create a type of allegiance and camaraderie among the people there. Kind of the same way that everyone who's completed basic training sees one another as a brother.

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They've killed bills in the past that proposed ways to close the loophole we identified.

Padding their own pockets is one thing that both sides of the aisle can agree on.


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I can confirm that Ajit Pai is raping my internet freedoms.

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I've always been taught to:

  1. Go ahead and roll down your window all the way so they can easily see.
  2. Go ahead and have your license out and in your hand.
  3. Turn your radio down so that you can both properly hear each other.
  4. Have your hands up on the steering wheel by the time the officer comes up to your car door.
  5. Move your hands slowly.

For one, it puts them at ease knowing you aren't going to be reaching in an area where they can't see. That can make the stop more cordial/relaxed and possibly lead to a warning instead of a ticket since they'll appreciate the way you handled the stop. Plus, it leaves less room for an officer to make a dumb decision based on fear.