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Agreed - 3-4 hour flight times are ideal for a weekend getaway. I'd also say it would be great to see domestic deals to smaller airports. You can usually find good deals to/from LA/NY/SF, but smaller airports like MEM, DSM, STL, etc add value to a lot of people with families in random cities that are too far of a drive from a huge airport.

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Thanks for doing this again! I’ve taken advantage of several of your flight deals!

My question is this - I’m based in MEM (aka shitty airport land). I’m fine with booking a cheap flight out of another city and booking a separate ticket to, say, NYC, but what happens if I face any kind of crazy delays or cancellations and miss my other flights? Do I have any recourse?

I’m flying MEM to EWR via Delta on a Friday night, then TAP Portugal to LIS Saturday night, but it’s in February so you never know what weather will be like. And coming back, I’m on Norwegian Air then my return Delta flight to MEM. I’m just nervous something crazy will happen and I’ll get stuck somewhere.

Edit: Growing up, my parents couldn’t afford to travel. I didn’t see the ocean until I was 19. Thanks for helping me find deals so I can see the world! SCF is awesome!

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Thanks! That’s what I’m hoping for - time being on my side! Looking forward to checking out LIS and BCN thanks to your deals!

Come back to Memphis anytime! You also need to check out Central BBQ and The Barbeque Shop for some bbq spaghetti. Mmmm...