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Specifically, what kind of policies would help the VA, which had been suffering from months-long wait times among other things. As I understand, some recent action has allowed vets to see doctors outside the VA system in order to expand overall access and decrease wait times, but it hasn't been that effective. What changes would you make to the system? Would you be open to making a large financial investment (which we would hope would be wisely spent and accounted for) to really ensure that we address this resource crisis affecting our veterans?

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What if a Georgian has an accident in another state and needs to go to the hospital where their insurance doesn't work out because it's in another state? Happened to me when I broke my collarbone, had to fight for every dime. The state by state medical care is a disservice to Americans. Please reconsider your efforts, for our sake.

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Did you ever play music during your isolated 5 years? What instruments and songs did you play? Acoustic? Did you record anything?

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potential blackmail