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I'm so glad you asked this, and explained the issues here. It makes it very hard to ally with someone who claims to stand for science when that appears to be selective.

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I've seen claims in the media that these apples will require more pesticides. Why are activists saying that--do they have any evidence of this?

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What would you say was your most effective take-down of bad science info, and why was it effective?

I ask this because I read a lot about the different strategies for scicomm, and there's a lot of debate. Do we make nice and draw people in? Do we dope slap? Do we need to do both things at different times?

Personally I don't think there's one right way, but hearing about particularly effective cases might be informative.

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I went to a March Against Monsanto with a sign that said: Support Farmer Bowman's right to grow GMO

I expected it would start conversations. But nobody had anything to say about that.