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And if something bad were to happen, Tesla would say that's outside supported domain and blamed you, potentially not even including it in their stats. And either way, if something got really sketchy, you'd disengage, which would then also not be counted. It's a biased stat.

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I'm not Waymo but I think it's foolish to trust those numbers from Tesla -- they're comparing AP to overall numbers, but AP is only engaged on 'good' roads where safety is improved anyway.

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  • I've heard that the Waymo driver code started off being based on the Stanford Car code. Is that true?

  • Deep learning became popular several years after Google started the SDC project. How has this affected the approaches used? Was the project leveraging ML/DL significantly before, or have breakthroughs been incorporated over time?

  • How do you deal with ingesting the sheer amount of data generated by an ever growing fleet? What sort of engineering challenges stem from this?

  • What sort of redundancies have to exist for an L4 vehicle to run with 0 humans in it?

  • How do you deploy vehicle software? Is it containerized, or are vehicle imaged?

  • What sort of bring up / bring down problems have to be solved to turn a great AI driver into a functioning robotaxi service that can run unattended?

  • Why was Firefly killed, especially after prototypes were already on the road?