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I am interviewing at a lab this week and would be performing HPLC and GC on cannabis samples for my job. My question is - Are HPLC and GC the standard methods for uncovering the secrets surrounding cannabis that we know today? I admire what you guys are doing because I think you are advancing not only the field of medicine but also furthering our collective social understanding of drugs and their prohibition.

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I have a question for Tom surrounding road safety. We typically think of thc as having a slowing down effect, however I believe I am a better driver while high. I guess it elevates my neuroticism to some degree, but it makes me exceedingly aware of my space bubble and all of the potential things other cars might do. Whereas alcohol can do the opposites. I’m wondering if you’ve found any possible evidence of thc making drivers more alert or aware of their surroundings.?

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Appreciate it. Thanks

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Appreciate this response. I am curious if the DEA cracks down on companies describing the psychological effects of a product, then why are there so many cannabis products getting away with being called “sleep” or “energy” it seems really vague, not helpful, and exactly what you described.

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I have a question as to what you guys might see FDA approval of cannabis looking like? I see it as falling under a dietary supplement and medicine so I could see it being very confusing. I have a degree in natural science and would eventually like to work my way into that realm and make change. I’m just wondering what you all might think that would look like? Perhaps a more comprehensive label of quantitative lab results paired with qualitative feelings associated (I find skeptic people are unsure how the product is going to make them feel). I just wonder if you may have any insight on that process and if you see FDA approval happening any time soon.