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I have been getting calls from a check cashing place for the last 3 years, for someone that either had my number before me or just somehow always puts my number down. How do I stop these calls? I've told them multiple times not the right number but it's at least 2 calls a day from different numbers. Is there any recourse I can take for the constant calls? I've tried blocking numbers but they always change. I've tried looking up who they are looking for with no luck either. I would rather not change numbers but if I can take no other action I've considered it.

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Im not sure, what are some signs of autodialer?

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Then yes a auto dialer is being used

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Well sure she admits it and now knows her wrong doings. But on what level do you put deciding to become homeless on a scale of going to live with relatives (not sure if that's an option for her just saying) and joining Isis for either food or shelter hopefully both. There are many ways it could of worked out better in her situation but it didn't because of her lack of understanding the full out come of her decision to become homeless. This as a whole isn't something everyone grasps after realizing a major life fuck up. Fact of the matter is long term life Planning learned at a early age is key to not causing these major fuck ups. Planning out your future isn't something you do when addicted to heroin either but that's not the main point. Young and stupid is very popular now specifically with heroin, and where I live in central Ohio the kids just seem to turn the stupid up full blast till the knob brakes off. So rubbing the salt in the wound to express how stupid all of this really is, is not a put down as you take it but more so a sturdy reinforced push in the moral ground to keep someone on track to staying clean or getting clean. /Rant.