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Just wanted to find a comment like this: I personally have a condition known as hypofrontality where the only proven “cure” is nicotine in which if I can no longer buy supplies to make juice or just buy juice I will be back on cigarettes the same day my juice supply runs out because ADHD-like symptoms and general fogginess and short-term memory issues start to happen due to the ADHD ability of paying attention.

Is it your belief that either big tobacco, big pharma, or perhaps both are a big cause behind these recent attempts at banning? Every time some mythology of vaping pops up in the news it dies down shortly after and everyone leaves it alone. Now nobody leaves it alone(I get stopped on the streets now by strangers telling me that people are dying from vaping) and the recent media is constantly making it worse. Were Pod-systems like JUUL to makes vaping discrete and easy to do literally anywhere a huge factor that the government was looking for to finally slam the final nail in the coffin?

Thank you for your time. :’)

meh4ever5 karma

I am completely in agreement with you over thinking Big Tobacco isn’t doing it, but I also don’t think they would be doing it anyways. Lots of money has been invested into vaping from all of the big tobacco companies(well before Philip Morris became a majority player in JUUL), especially since studies have shown that tobacco consumption on its own has been on a decline since the early 2000’s. Vaping is their chance to stay in the game, imo.

Thank you for your insight and all the work you have done for the last several decades. You are an amazing person.