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When did you start long distance hiking? How did you begin your routine to get to where you are now?

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What are implications of genetic testing in terms of HIPAA? Are you concerned that heathcare insurers would discriminate against you based kn your genetic testing?

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This is a complicated answer but I'll try my best to summarize it. The US immigration process can be divided into economic and family related immigration. For any family related application, the process is usually around a couple of years for spouses and minors (if they are your kids), a little more than a decade for siblings and parents (if the applicant is adult US citizen/perm) and can be more based on your country of origin.

Economic related application (if you're eligible) can be anywhere between 2 years to 10 years based on your country of origin. (There's 3 categories the lowest one has an average wait time of about 10 years)