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Hey Ben and Ryan! Huge Fan. One of the coolest experiences in my life was way back in like 2009 you played a show at a small club in San Francisco. I had no idea who y'all were but was recruited to come to the show as the designated driver for my freinds who were from seattle and were already HUGE fans. Needless to say I fell in love with your music that night. What I thought was so awesome was that after the show you came out into the lobby and took pictures and signed autographs for every single person who waited. It was a lot of people even though it was a small show! I thought that was really kind of you and really a testemant to the kind of artist you are and the way you treat your fans. Here is my question:

Now that you are such a HUGE artist that is much more popular than you were then, do you feel you have lost some of your ability to interact with fans, and does that bother you at all? It seemed to me back then that you really genuinely enjoyed that fan interaction. Thanks for that!

Also, I wanna shout out to whoever on your team coordinates your annual fan pizza party. Two years ago my freind and I entered the contest to get to attend by bodypainting the Heist flag on our semi-nude selves. We "won" but werent ultimately able to go because we couldnt get ourselves to seattle and the one set of plane tickets had already been given away. Whoever we were in email contact with was so nice, and since we couldnt go sent us a bunch of free merch. I felt that really went above and beyond. So Thank you again!

PS. I ended up getting a sunburn while having the heist flag painted on my body but where the black paint covered didnt burn. This resulted in the weirdest sunburn ever-- I had the words "The Heist" clearly sunburned onto my chest for weeks.

Woah, inbox blown up. Heres the picture: http://imgur.com/EJfoinu Imgur

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Hi Laurie! Huge gym fan here and proud member of what we online gymnastics fans call the Gymternet. I know you are active on Twitter and I was wondering how much you follow online discussion and tweets about yourself and your own training as well as American and international gymnastics generally. Do you keep up with that stuff or generally try to stay out of it?