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Minnesota, huge fan of your music. my promo company i was working for in Santa barbara brought you out and you absolutely killed it. caught you at many other shows but you and G Jones were my favorite at coachella. i've got a huge question for you, i loved "Astral Projection", i know you had a bunch of samples from Edgar Mitchell and stuff about OBE's....whats your inspiration of this? are you into astral projection/ alternate realities/ higher consciousness?

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thanks for the reply :) met you at coachella weekend 1 near the porta potties, it was after i had lost my bag, and then after i met you i found it in a random porta potty. you're a cool dude man. definitely blasted off to your astral projection about 20+ times :D strassman is the man..

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also guessing your OBE's were induced by DiMiTry....