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For fuck's sake, don't link to Michael Macintyre's face without a warning

I've got to go and punch something now

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not an NDA, it's more that talking directly about his specific employment in a public context would probably be against his contracted terms. Most likely he works for a turbine manufacturer, and they will protect all their operational details against other manufacturers.

Note that all his answers are generic, and could apply equally to any turbine model or manufacturer on any site in the world - whereas revealing specific kits he uses would be against his employment terms, even though it's innocuous information.

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Hi Giles, I'm a big fan of your work and internet presence, but what I really want to know is....

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As a point of clarification, this is true for NHS England only - NHS Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not have trusts in the same manner and broadly utilise private contractors to a far lesser (and generally decreasing) degree. NHS Scotland, for example, spends less than 1% of its budget on private contractors.

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downvoted despite citing sources.

Downvoting is not meant for disagreement, people.