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Do you keep distance from family?

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Na we don't have anyone writing speeding tickets in the UK, we have a complex invasive network of automated speed cameras to collect a stealth tax on drivers

Edit: sarcasm people, sarcasm. Expected more from the UK contingent of Reddit!

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I was up camping in Yorkshire in the UK and only have a small tent for me and the wife, and yeah, had to leave the bikes outside. We had locks, but I still didn't like the feeling of my precious being out of sight and exposed to the elements.

Probably should have left the bikes outside and the wife in!

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Kidney transplant (deceased donor) here, 15 years post transplant.

What I was always told is that it depends on a lot of factors, but the first year is the riskiest bit. Once you get through that it depends on a healthy lifestyle and adherence to medication. I was lucky that I was 22 when I had my transplant and my donor was 18 so I had a very healthy donor organ and I was young enough to recover quickly from surgery. Once you're through the first year, there really is no telling how long a transplant will survive, when I was transplanted there was a guy who'd just lost his transplant after 33 years. If I make it 30+ years on this transplant I would consider myself extremely lucky - I'm already very lucky to a have a transplant that has lasted 15.

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I'm immunocompromised (transplant patient). I'm already staying in as much as possible (work from home, going out for a walk away from people). Should I avoid sharing a bed with my wife?