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Absolutely not, I played hockey.

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I was hit in high school football and ended up cracking a rib. Luckily they did an X-ray and noticed a bone tumour, was extremely lucky to catch it early. They said they wouldn’t expect a clear tell until later development if I hadn’t gotten hit.

After they saw it they did a series of protein and endocrine tests to narrow it down. I was extremely fortunate to end up at one of the best children’s hospitals in the world.

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I think about that all of the time. It was a school in Ottawa and we never played them in football or other sports when I had returned.

I’m not sure if anyone ever told him, maybe it’d be worth finding and reaching out now.

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I hope to continue into radiology but it’s pretty competitive with electives.

My big dream is to be like the doctors who worked on my case.

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Through the experience and work opportunities I’ve learned that a lot of cancer is extremely unpredictable. It can go from bad to worse and worse to great within days. I’m early in my education relatively but the most I can say is: take what you’ve been given and cherish it, trust that the doctors are doing the best they’ve can, and just look forward to the next steps to ensure your father finishes his treatment.

My thoughts are with you brother.