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There is no dental plan for part time employees, so yes, yes it does reflect the dental care of the medieval ages XD

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Well, let me put it this way: the job sucks. I wanted to get a job just for some experience when I was in high school, and Medieval Times was like 5 minutes away from my house so I applied there, but I could have applied to any grocery store like 99% of the high schoolers do. It's very tedious work and can be very stressful at times on busy days, but the reason why I kept going back to work, even though the job sucks (shoving a $22 glow toy into every parent's eyes and trying to convince them to buy it is not fun), it's the people there. I've made some amazing friends there that I would not have met otherwise, and everyone in your department becomes a family, abet a very dysfunctional family.

If you're "too old", my recommendation is that if you're over 21, go there with several friends and get completely wasted there. Yes it will be expensive (possibly pregame?), but I've seen so many adults do it and have a blast. The best times to go if you want to do that is probably the 7:30pm show on a Saturday, since there's a lot more groups of adults that just want to get drunk with their friends and have fun and a lot less families.

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Hmm, I'll answer your question with two different stories, one story related to customers and one story related to staff.

Customers: One time a few years back it was thought that Medieval Times should hold a beer tasting event. Great idea on paper. Guests would pay a few extra bucks on top of their admission and get to taste all kinds of beer from all over the local Chicago area.

What actually happened was that basically a bunch of people got drunk real fast. Since it was after the show when the beer tasting happened, most of the staff was gone, so there was only at most 10 employees that were actually from Medieval Times that was there. Apparently when maintenance came back the next morning to get the castle ready for the show that day, they found curtains ripped straight out of the wall, display cases that were broken, basically the castle was in shambles. There was a couple there that broke up during the beer tasting event, which was really funny for my manager at the time to watch since she's seen so many couples get engaged at Medieval Times, and it was refreshing to see one just fall apart.

Staff: Once worked with a coworker who didn't know what to say and what not to say. So once it was so cold that the sprinkler system pipe burst and set off the fire alarm. Naturally, we started evacuating everyone outside (which was hard enough since it was like 0 degrees that day), but this one coworker thought it would have been funny to run around and yell "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" at all the little kids, which of course made them all cry.

That coworker was later fired for trying to steal a bunch of My Little Pony plushies.

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Sort of. I know plenty of coworkers that go to Renaissance Faire. It's a dinner theater focused on knights on horses with jousting, fighting, and various horseback games. So from what I've heard it's a portion of what Renaissance Faires usually have, wrapped up in a 2 hour show.

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You have to apply in person. They don't list their jobs on the website, but almost all departments in the castle (at least the Schaumburg castle) have openings for part-time (they always need people!). Most of the time the Administration office entrance is separate from the main entrance (in Schamburg, the main entrance is to the right of the parking, while the offices are to the left). Once you enter ask the receptionist for a job application, and they'll be happy to explain to you the different departments available.