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I find this interesting; I remember playing on an electronic sax back in middle school and finding it terribly unrewarding because it was essentially binary in operation. Do you guys actually measure air speed in the horn, or does a mic capture the signal, the amplitude of which determines the output?

This would certainly have more potential at parties than my clarinet currently does, haha. The chameleon bass settings were wild.

Way too expensive for me to afford, but downright reasonable in terms of musical instruments; our clarinets and strings all cost more than that.

As an aside, I regret not getting to visit through your part of France when I was living there; I spent most of my time in Montpellier.

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Did you consider keeping it as secret as possible to avoid people treating you differently?

PS I only asked this question because I wanted to comment on how much the typo "Mega Lotter" makes me chuckle.

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No, at least, not anymore (not hepnettbay, but) - current treatments are absolutely curative with a 96%+ rate of effectiveness.

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I’m not in D.C., but most cities forbid something like this to be done without inspections and permits...a few also zone against it; many don’t.

So if you have the cash and skill, giant luxury basements are very in right now.