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It means you can hurt yourself on the rides if you want.

I went to action park a lot as a kid. It was a wild place, and the rides and attractions were a lot more... open ended, I guess, than an amusement park usually is. Cliff dives, rope swings, alpine slides, a lot of stuff where you weren't strapped in and you were in control of how fast you went. Which is of course what led to you getting injured.

I fucked up on the rope swing by holding on too long and nearly swung face-first into the platform. On the alpine slides, the guy behind me decided not to use the brake at all, and plowed into me at what felt like a thousand miles an hour. Good times.

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I don't say this as an insult to people with intellectual disabilities, but the guy behind me was in my bunk at summer camp, and he had a developmental issue that prevented him from understanding those context clues.

Really nice kid, but he did nearly shatter my spine into grains of sand.

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Those are some good friends right there.

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IIIIIIII'm not gonna check if you're still breathing,

Gotta make you understand:

Never gonna give you CPR,

I'm just gonna let you drown.

Kids just get to run around

And get hurt, too.

Definitely gonna make you cry,

Death is where we say goodbye.

And I'm not gonna lie,

This ride could kill you.

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That was summer camp in the 90s for you. I walked funny for about a week but otherwise recovered. Better than the kid who broke his arm on the bumper boats.