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How does it feel to be Ellen McLain?

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Hello, Ellen! I'm a huge fan! I wanted to say that your role as GLaDOS is my favorite of yours. One day, I'd love to meet you. I just want to say that Still Alive is a song all my friends and I love so very much. Want You Gone is great too. GLaDOS is my favorite robot in gaming as well. Anyway, I have two questions.

Have you met Jonathan Coulton? If so, what is he like?

Do you plan to do more work with Valve?

Thanks! I'm GLaD I could make it on your AMA this time.

PS. I'm wearing a Portal 2 shirt right now!

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Ellen McLain replied to me twice. Life complete.

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Awesome! Thanks sooo much for the reply. My plush companion cube says hi!

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Could you have your husband do an AMA also?