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I don't feel I have any choice except to move forward.

I think this is an incredibly important statement. I have a tumour on my spinal cord at around C7. I am told at best I'm supposed to be a quadrilplegic and at worst I'm not supposed to be able to breathe but have somehow avoided both eventualities which nobody can explain. Was there a moment when all felt lost but that moment gave you the inspiration to continue moving forward?

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Nice to see the tumour not showing any growth but it's shitty about how expensive it is to keep an eye on it. It doesn't seem right.

I found I'd had a tumour on my spinal cord my whole life a couple of years ago (I'm 44). I've gone from having an MRI every six months to every two years because the growth isn't signficant.

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I found Jar Jar funny and didn't have a problem with him at all so I wondered what your take is on why there was so much opposition to him.

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I find most people don't get that. They often seem to perceive themselves as taking a really negative approach if they were in the situation instead of realising that it's just what it is so you get on with it.

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That's a great approach. Thanks for doing the AMA, it's been really good to read.