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Too soon buddy

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Wasn't there just a story on npr about some big Wall Street guy who quit his job to start a Tea Company? I think it was years ago. And a followup: I imagine the market is saturated (fully steeped), how will you make it into trader joes? I'll take your response off air

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Are you getting these for stocking stuffer? Replicade makes this Keychain. I really want someone to buy it for you!


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Thanks for opening my eyes. I've always pittied them for their persecution from CCP. , never knew anything about their political stance. Also they're Anti-maskers? I mean it's over thing to believe you're "safe from COVid", but another if you think you can't spread it. ironic, and baffling. So anyway, I'm searching for some reason to keep the pity going....

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So cool, I love this idea with no joints to fail. Do you have an animation of the unfolding? Couldn't find it on your exquisite website