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Hi Mr. Rathi. I live in the Netherlands. Our government is on our back 24/7 about climate change by finding all sorts of terrible elements in the air or the soil. And trying to find solutions they believe will if not solve the problem at the least makes us one of the first countries in the world to lead by example. (our priministers words) For instance, our farmers are told they have to almost half their animal herds (read destroy) to reduce the CO2 output etc. We all have to get rid of our gas cv heaters and buy, at our own costs, heat pump systems. Our country is in uproar at the moment. My question to you would be, how much of an impact can our tiny little country make in all this, even if we were to go 100%green. Are our G overnment requests reasonable in the scheme of things?

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Hi. I understand your point of view. I do not own a car. Next week I will visit a friend in Hamburg and will travel by train. I eat almost no meat, haven't turned 100%yet but am nearly there. I have lived abroad for 30 consecutive years in 3 different countries and had to either cool against the heat or burn oil and yes coal till as recent as 2012 because there were no other affordable or mostly effective ways of heating the house. I am certainly not against paying taxes to support countries like for instance India. Problem is, corruption is rife and I seriously question any funds send there will actually end up being used for the purpose it is meant for. In the meantime we are expected to take on considerable costs to go green and I truly wonder how effective that is on a world scale. Do I have the answers to a solution, no. But I believe my question is a valid one.