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Do you glue each page together? Or soak the pages in some kind of adhesive? I inherited a hollow copy of arabesque when my grandfather passed away, and in elementary school I used it to smuggle Pokemon cards. Good memories!

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Add that to the ebay auction description "Frank miller said it COULD be his work Opening bid 50k"

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Well he did serve an LDS mission in Japan

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Cool story! I'm LDS and I wanted to go to japan but I went to Chile. Couple questions... 1. What was your favorite part of japan?
2. How old were you when you went there/when you got back? 3. Have you been back since then. Have you been able to use social media to reconnect with some people from back in the day?
4. Did you have friends your age who weren't Christian?
5. Were you upset about your parents making you go? Or did you want to go? 6. How was the language barrier in your experience in public school?

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Chile was great, no regrets! I was just already semi-fluent in spanish and wanted to learn a challenging language. Congrats on going to France! I've had friends who've had a lot of fun there!