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Hey so the sink in my bathroom smells like sulfer farts. I get that the trap is probably full of all sorts of disgusting organic matter just rotting away. Hair, gunk, etc.

Problem is my sink is sitting atop a 'pedastal' free standing very close to the wall. I don't think I can get to the trap to clean it out. What do I do?

Additional question: How do I make my water hotter in the shower. I have on demand hot water. Do I adjust that device? Or allow the shower knob to open further?

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this is true for tankless on demand gas water heaters?

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Jim! Was your "side character voice" or whatever it's called, a planned thing early in your career or was it just something that happened and you noticed how good it was? Love your show, standup, and your KFC commercials the most. Thanks

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How drunk is too drunk to serve? Pretty sure I’ve blacked out on my past few flights and you folks are just so nice to keep serving me.