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How often is it the case that diversion is necessary/actually saves a life? My first thought was that if they are out of resources at the exact moment such that it would take 30 min before they could get to them, and there's another hospital 10 min away that could see them immediately, wouldn't that be a good thing?

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Was the surgery medically necessary (besides the argument about whether driving a car, etc. is necessary, i.e. were you in chronic pain and/or did this improve your bone structure)? Or was it mostly the aesthetic/convenience factor?

Another way to state my question would be:

The surgery I had is pretty controversial in the dwarfism community.

Can you expand on this and explain your personal point of view on the matter?

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without coming off like the grimm reaper in the media.

This. Believe it or not, insurance companies don't want to be seen as the person who will pay you to kill yourself.

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I don't necessarily think they were trying to do anything besides investigate and talk about it. They did use some attention-grabbing phrasing, but they aren't necessarily anti-hospital or anything. Even if this isn't an issue at all, we wouldn't have known whether or not it's an issue unless someone looked into it.

The situation seems like most things in life- there are some shitty people who take advantage as much as they can, but most hospitals/doctors/EMTs/etc. do use it in an effective way for the most part.

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If it's an emergency, it's automatically in network. I would hope the situation you described rarely happens.