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How many everyday appliances have or use up an IPv4 address? What is your expectation on them (newer versions being sold) being able to switch to IPv6?

Sorry if my question doesn't make sense. This joke applies to me: How many software developers did tt take to change the lightbulb? None - that's a hardware problem.

I look at "network" and hardware the same way.

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How many of your songs were real actual messages from your to real people? For instance, was Numb really from one of the band members to his parents?

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Would IPv6 add to the cost of the device, compared to IPv4?

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Some short sighted devs you have there. In our company, the hardware people offered to move us to our internal cloud, and we all said NO emphatically. None of us wanted to deal with OSes, servers, uptime, permissions, etc. They told our bosses that our dept could save money, but I'm glad our bosses listened to the dev teams instead.

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How do you know who is a non-tipper? Are you talking about hotel guests who stay multiple nights?