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Hi Mr. Morey, as a huge NBA fan and stat-head I'm absolutely thrilled that you are doing this AMA, and as a Bull's fan I'm absolutely furious that you took Asik from us!

  1. By now Baseball seems to have fully embraced the sports statistical revolution. In the NBA though, it seems like people like you and Cuban are in the minority. Would you say this is true, and if so why do you think so many teams are taking so long to turn to statistical evaluation?

  2. Do you believe that every NBA player has a fundemental value (as in Baseball, and as many metrics like Win Shares and Wins Produced will lead you to believe) or do you think there is so much teamwork in Basketball that a player's value is highly dependent on his teammates' skill sets? If the latter, how do you predict how certain players value will change when coming to your team?

  3. How close were you guys to landing to Dwight Howard? And how frustrating was it to see the Magic agree to a deal that was hilariously worse than the ones that you guys were rumored to be offering?

Thanks for doing the AMA and best of luck this year!

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But do all of the schools equally prepare their students for said standardized exams? In the US (with regards to ACT/SAT) this is a resounding no.