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Thanks for doing the AMA. I have a question about a VERY simple yet useful feature that magically disappeared for recent versions.

I have 2 spreadsheets open side by side. I highlight several cells and get the 'sum' of the numbers, which shows in the bottom Status bar. I click onto the second spreadsheet to type that number. The sum in the Status bar below disappears from the first spreadsheet.

This used to never happen and whatever I had highlighted would remain in the taskbar at the bottom while I clicked the other spreadsheet. This would help me transfer new data from one spreadsheet to another, but now I need to manually add a =sum() in the first spreadsheet so that it shows it physically.


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Unionize. It's the only way

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So during the trip I mentioned above, everytime I'd walk out of an airport, or leave people I just met - I'd bump into someone else or be guided by another backpacker to my next point. It all just worked out flawlessly. Except Paris.

My flight was late leaving to Paris already, so I got to the airport and bussed into Paris fairly late. Having commonly stayed at hotels when I was there before, I had no idea where hostels were. I had no internet, no cafes or anything were open. I was screwed. I knew where all the monuments were, so I just casually walked along there hoping I'd find other late-night backpackers. I went onto the bridges where locals all sit and drink wine and just talk.

There was this one female that spoke really broken English, but she was really curious about my travels. We hit it off and got along really well. We went off, fooled around on a park bench and as she was leaving, I asked if I could stay at her place. No dice.

I kept walking around for hours. Then I found cops. Awesome, I thought - they'll know. Using my broken English, "ou est les hotel pour les etudients?" (Where are the hotels for the students? - referring to hostels). The one guy didn't understand so he called over other cops and eventually 2 more cars drove in. They all were laughing at me saying "You're not going to find anything that cheap around here! You're in Paris!" (obviously they thought I wanted an actual hotel). I heard them talking between eachother and at one time heard "American" and it was said in such a condecending tone. "Fuck you guys! I'm not American... I'm Canadian. You guys can go fuck yourself. I know what you're saying!" (It's a known fact that Canadians are well accepted when they travel, so I didn't want to be labelled an American at this point). They started cursing back at me and radio'd more people in. There was now about 8 people. We literaly were just yelling back and forth with them saying I was a stupid American who didn't know what the hell I was doing. I told them they were French fucks (I was part drunk with the wine from earlier).

Eventually I just walked off as it started to get more hostile. So about 3-4 hours in of walking, I'm thinking I'm fucked. I have this monster 60lbs backpack, no place to sleep and I'm brutally tired. I start walking towards the Bastille and see in the distance this guy with a hiking backpack standing there looking at a map.

I run up to him and say "Are you staying at a hostel?!". He looks up and says, "No, I just left. I no like the hostel.". I keep asking him where it was, but he has no fucking idea. "So then where are you sleeping tonight?"... "here". He fucking points to the Eiffel Tower.

It's about 3-4am and I'm fucking tired. So I just fucking go with it. What do I have to lose? As we're walking, I find out he's like a 30 year old Mexican Mariachi singer who travels around singing major events. I got him to sing as we walked up to the Eiffel Tower (a good 45 minute walk, since we kept resting due to my back almost giving out).

We get there are there's guards with guns pacing around. We find a bench nearby and he just starts passing out on the bench. I grab the bench next to him, but I couldn't sleep. You know the movie Ratatouille? There's a reason they use rats. The place is COVERED with them. Let's say you were on a city bus. In that same area, there would be a good 10-15 rats. They just all come out of no where.

So here I am, keeping my feet ontop of the bench, trying to sleep with rats running around all underneath me. I couldn't sleep so I literally watched the sun rise as I slept right beside the Eiffel Tower.

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You tell me how the movie turns out with 0 Hobbits

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Do you still keep up to date on the medicine stuff or current industry news - or if you did go back, you'd be a gong show?