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Bro, I didn't know ReviewMeta and SupplementReviews were from the same creator. Cool stuff. I was a big fan of SR and valued the reviews my brand had gotten there in the past.

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Here's my opinion, but it's highly biased, bc I own businesses built through selling on Amazon.

There's no single answer here, but here are my thoughts on a few different scenarios. - if the product is truly garbage, then fire away with the 1 star review. By garbage, I mean you can easily tell it's junk, it's deceptive, etc. - If you simply don't like the product, talk to the seller/brand and ask them to make it right. I realize my products won't be for everyone. We're quick to refund, no questions asked, and either ship out a different product from our catalog, or refer them to competitors I know and trust, to give their brands a try. - If there was a problem with shipping/packaging/etc, don't hit them with a negative. If they're selling via FBA (most sellers are), odds are something happened either at Amazon or in the shipping process to you, but either way it was completely out of the sellers hands.

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Longtime Amazon FBA seller here. People regularly do both... Attack competitors with 1stars and smash their own listings with 5 stars. The level or sophistication I have seen in their tactics over the past 7 years are incredible.

And Amazon almost never removes reviews. I've provided extremely detailed proof of fake 1 stars on my listings, including a freelancer admitting to being hired by a competitor, and Amazon did nothing. I so, however, know a couple people that have Amazon employees on payroll and are able to get reviews removed.

The methods have evolved, but scammers have been highly prevalent since long before I was an active seller.