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1) Just how bad is the environmental situation with fracking? Is it really as bad as the environmentalist special interest groups claim, or is it as safe as the oil companies claim, or is it in between or even worse?

2) There is a minor fault line running through Texas- does that change the situation compared to other parts of the country involved in fracking?

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Not a question, or a rhetorical one at best. Also, when it comes to the environment, the stuff you do has an impact on the whole world's well-being. What right do you have to exercise self defense?

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I've been looking for a job in Pittsburgh and flying in for interviews is pretty expensive. I'd love to drop by and play some Perfect Dark co-op for an affordable room the next time I drop by.

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I we did not have so much immigration into the US then we would not be consuming so much oil for energy

Wrong. The people would still be there, so they'd still be consuming energy, but since they'd then not have access to efficient technology, they'd be using more and making a bigger mess now. Also, don't try to rationalize your xenophobia.