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The IP generated during my Ph.D. will be owned by me, but I will eventually have a profit-sharing contract with my University.

I hope you either have a really good understanding of the assignment agreement you signed when starting your PhD or have a good attorney on retainer....

mcquotables17 karma

Until published this sounds like a bunch of baloney.

Also I hope they have a good attorney because they're going to have a rude awakening when they realize all work done at their University or using University material is owned by the University.

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Maybe just an excited PhD student, to give benefit of doubt. But really hate to see this false idea that anyone can just do a PhD and then start a cool startup doing stuff like shoving pencils through people's skulls to "download their brains."

mcquotables3 karma

Yeahhh.... they're not answering serious questions, just head-in-the-clouds questions. The University likely owns everything by assignment.