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30 rock saved me during a bad trip on mushrooms. I was a bit hungover and had only chicken for lunch, which I eventually threw up rather painfully. I laid down on the couch, wanting a bit of a rest, but the closed-eye visuals were fucking intense. Faces kept morphing out of the darkness - first friends and family, then historical figures and celebrities, then demons and monsters. The demonic figures didn't frighten me - they were actually pretty cool hallucinations, but it was exhausting when all I really wanted was to go to sleep.

I apologized to my trip-buddy roommate for leaving him solo, went to my bedroom, and watched 3-4 episodes on my laptop. Thank god for endorphins. Laughing and squirming around under the covers kicked the weird thoughts out of my head, and Jenna Maroney was the most beautiful woman in the world for a couple of hours.

To any psychonauts out there: if you're having a bad trip, throw something funny and familiar on the boob tube. Laughter is some great medicine in that situation.

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everything turns into legos

Had that exact same experience. That was kinda neat, but otherwise, it's "do you want to be intensely confused and possibly terrified for 30 seconds?"

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I can "logic" my way out of scary parts

That's where I was during the face visuals. I pushed my way through, but there was that nagging pull back to the unpleasant, and the knowledge that it was going to continue for another few hours with nothing I could do to stop the effects. The distraction of the show helped as much as the laughter.

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