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Have either of you ever had an interaction with your costumed counterparts at a Disney Park, without them knowing who you were, and how did that go?

When you recorded your roles, were you secluded from other members of the cast or did you ever get to record with them in the room as well?

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I am curious, what methods and motivations you use with training your wolves? How much fan mail does Quigley get from his Game of Thrones performance? Lastly, how much physical interaction do you have with your wolves, and are you afraid of their natural wild instincts taking over and resulting in physical harm to you or the actors?

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Hi Tommy! I am a huge fan. I was wondering of all the movies, records, TV shows, etc., that you have been a part of which were your favorites and why?

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Good afternoon Mr Beatty!

I am a big fan of movies based on Comic Books, and I truly enjoyed your film Dick Tracy. My question is what was it like working with Danny Elfman while he was scoring the film?

Have a great day!