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How close is DPRK to the book 1984?

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Could a coup d'etat ever happen in the North? I'd imagine that even the soldiers feel like they are being oppressed by their government. Might not be that hard to pull off something akin to the plot to bomb hitler.

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I've got some questions:

  1. Law: My roommates are legal scholars. They argue incessantly about common law being better or worse than civil law. Since you are a lawyer, have you got any views on this matter?

  2. Immigration: Since you mention Immigration (and the surname Levin is identifiably not anglo-saxon), I'd like to ask why you think it is that in American history there's this trend that older waves of immigrants are often skeptical of newer waves of immigrants? What is the reason for this?

  3. Economy: What are your views on the potential effectiveness of macroprudential and microprudential policy?

  4. Foreign affairs: Where is the situation in the south china sea heading?

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Econ Question:

As far as I am aware, your country is the only OECD member nation which does not have deposit insurance for its banking sector. Can you comment on this?

I suppose that there must be some reason as to why this is.

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Hi there,

  • How exactly is "Responsible Investment" being defined in your research? How is it being quantified?

  • In your professional view, how is the regulatory environment (and the transparency environment) likely to change as a result of this?