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Agreed!!! Cleveland metro parks are great! Also have the Cuyahoga Vally National Park which has some pretty good hiking and biking trails! But that’s a federal park not a state park! Northeast Ohio is very nice, especially if you like the fall and the beautiful colors that the leaves turn!

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It’s a great park! It’s was really nice when Goodyear maintained it but the state has done an amazing job with it! Not sure how true it is but the rumor was Goodyear gave it to the state because they didn’t want to clean up all the old tires that were in there polluting the lake. I used to go fishing there and would find some weird things growing on some of the fish. Have been there fishing recently and it seems like the state got a lot of that stuff out of there, and the fish definitely seemed healthy! Never checked with anyone to see actually how the water quality was.

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Do you worry about going out in public? I think that I would be worried about people noticing or maybe smelling the bag. Thanks for doing the AMA.