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In 1984, I was cutting down a tree. It was leaning and kicked off the stump, into my leg and breaking the femur. As a result I spent three months in the hospital, in traction. I understand the frustration of being bed ridden. I can only imagine the other problems you face. I'm extremely sorry that you have to go through this.

When I was in the bed, in the hospital, I resorted to doing many strange things. I built models (imagine spilling paint on your bedsheets, but not being able to move), I read books, I watched (far too much) TV. I understand that most of this may be out of your capacities, but you must make the effort to keep your mind busy. They say idle hands are the devil's plaything. In this case, an idle mind is far worse. There is nothing to distract you from the pain, so you most likely focus on it and that only causes it to intensify. So I highly recommend that you explore different activities that could serve to occupy yourself. Knitting, crochet, basket weaving (I don't recommend the underwater kind, at least at this stage), whatever... just do something other than sit.

Also, there exists technology that could make your life easier. It's not expensive. Instead of regular lights, you might invest in some 'smart lights'. They are fairly cheap and you can turn them on with your phone (or your voice, if you so desire).

I don't really have a specific question for you, unfortunately, just my crappy advice. I sincerely hope you manage to find your way through this nightmare, and come out of it a stronger person. Good luck and god speed OP!

My first comment was removed, since I had no question. Therefore, I'll ask you this.. what are your limitations in terms of activities? Is your hand-eye coordination affected?

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Very unlikely. For a magnitude 10 earthquake you need the equivalent of 10000 miles of coast moving all at once.


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What's the latest news on malignant hyperthermia? Is it more recognized now than it was in the 1980's?

I went in to the ER for a broken femur in 1984. I woke up later in the ICU with a catheter (not the most pleasant experience for an 11yr old). Turns out I had an allergic reaction that was caught (thankfully) by the anesthesiologist.

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Did you even bother looking at her posting history here on Reddit? Do you think she's playing the long game or something?

Fuck you man, fuck you.

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Why do you assume it's bullshit? Her story checks out. Matches the injuries. She includes additional photos and doesn't say that she can't do anything... just that it's too painful to do so.