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How did you get the job? From what I have heard you have to have family connections or get extremely lucky because the pay is massively inflated over the job difficulty.

Why do you go on strike every other week when your starting pay is £49,000, up to 3 times what any other equivalent low skill job can pay along with having close to 100% job security.

bbc - " driver's starting salary - which follows about six months of training - is £49,673, according to Transport for London (TfL), which adds that this "doesn't alter depending on length of time in role". They typically work a 36-hour week and get 43 days of leave every year, including bank holidays. Six of the days off are compensation for working 36, rather than 35, hours a week throughout the year."

Do you think your strikes and inflated wages contribute to the high price of London underground over every other city in the US and europe?

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I added this separately as not sure you would all be comfortable answering it.

How do you feel career prospects are at Jagex? It is no secret a large number of jmods have left especially with the low salary to skills the company seems to offer.

What would you try to say to someone working in London on a more "boring" but career orientated path in tech to convince them to move to Cambridge.

Runescript seems unappealing to pick up, salaries seem low and glassdoors paints a poor picture of management.

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What is the office environment like with the RS3 and old school split?

Are there any RS3 plans longterm plans you can share given the game seems to be in consistent decline?

Also is there any chance of letting us play on a 2011scape, as the backup seems to be there?

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NYC is like a third of the price, was amazed how cheap it was when I was over there

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How are you planning to ever get a new skill into Runescape? It is the most requested new content, yet the playerbase can never decide which they want, or vote other ideas down because they want their own.