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Hiya- this might be quite a basic question, but what currently is the most recent understanding as to how long covid immunity lasts, and what might this mean for immunocompomised people who've contracted and recovered from covid? I'd like to illustrate this in part by explaining that I'm an young person on immunosuppressive medication, and I tested positive for covid 2 months ago. Before that point, I was basically shielding, but after having it and completely recovering from the very mild symptoms I experienced, the supposed immunity gave me a little bit more freedom again (e.g. going into supermarkets, or onto public transport- still completely within social distancing restrictions ofc). I'm obviously very interested in how long this immunity continues for as I'm unsure when I should start limiting any and all social interaction again- I know there are other immunocompromised people wondering the same thing.

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I'm on adalimumab for psoriasis/psoriatic athritis (although I'm not allowed back on it until my blood markers return to normal!)

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thanks for your time!