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So does a food writer just write about food, or do you step into the food critics world? Or both? Also, in your opinion, why are so many afraid to try new things? We are called food snobs by our friends because we’ll try many many different types of packaged pasta, to find our favorite, even if it means driving two hours to buy it. And to them cost, is the #1 deciding factor when choosing food.

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Suicides have always been a problem in the Army. Every base I was attached to had a suicide while I was there…every single one. Can you tell me what the Pentagon is doing about the use of depleted uranium in weapons? Instead of reducing the amount used, they’ve increased it, knowing full well the health risks to armed forces members and the public. Thanks.

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I never even considered the conflict of interest you mention. Very insightful. I was in two very specialized units when I served - and suicides, accidents, and mental breakdowns were the norm. Sometimes it would happen during a training exercise (ARTEPs, NTC, Bright Star, Team Spirit, Reforger), and sometimes it would happen in garrison. And at no point ever, did anyone question what was going on.

The only time I ever considered conflict of interest was dealing with the VA. It seemed rigged. Deny ‘til they die seemed the mantra…to which one could only conclude it was about cost savings vs. actual treatment.