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Thanks for doing this AMA! Not a question, but input from a CA student. I receive free lunch at my high school and it is definitely filling and mildly healthy. We have snack, which is more of a breakfast, and we have everything from cereal to poptarts (exception to the healthy) to yogurt to even French toast! We need an entrée and a milk, and juice is optional.

For lunch, there are two types of lines. There is the line with pre-packaged food, that has anything from Uncrustables, sandwiches, salads, burtitos, paninis, Chinese, enchiladas, to chicken wings. Again, need to take a milk, a fruit or veggie. You can almost always get lunch without your ID here, or just ask nicely and the lunch ladies will put it on your tab. Then there's the buffet line. Monday is baked potatoes with the works, Tuesday are taco bowls with veggies, Wednesday is hamburger (grilled on site) I forget Thursday, and Friday is pasta day. Again, same requirements, and you can also get fresh salad as a side. The buffet meals are prepared on site by a cook. You need to pay cash or present your school ID to enter this line.

Yes, there are vending machines, but usually they're overpriced and keep breaking down during the lunch rush. But overall, I feel that my experience with the lunch service has been great!

TL;DR- food is the bomb.

Thank you for your hard work and care!