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Whatever people say about money and happiness is not always true. Freedom is true happiness and money allows the opportunity to enjoy freedom or at least relieve stress to pursue it - continual 60+ hour work week, as a salary employee I'm expected to work overtime for free and my next check isn't coming for three more weeks, multiple deadlines at work, birthdays etc all adds stress - if I mention unionizing or anything I'm fired and replaced - they tell me I'm extremely valuble but we all know how the world works

At my age I earn more than my father did and make a higher income on paper but I'm living month to month as a frugal spender wheras when I grew up we we're able to save and go on a nice, short vacation often. I have my budget calculated down to the penny for the next couple months and it's disheartening not being able to save - feels like I'm not acheiving or will never be able to break through the ceiling even though my head is down working

If I had a UBI I'd gladly keep my job and definitely be less stressed, i.e more productive and focused not being stressed between paychecks. It's nothing to do with laziness it's the relief of stress in focusing on what I need to or want to

It's so weird how things have evolved over the past few decades.

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people thought it wouldn't happen


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tell that to db cooper

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What is your software and what does it actually do?

All I see is a bunch of BS in your claims including LinkedIn spam.