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My vote is that one of you write the first act, one writes the second, and the other writes the 3rd act. Then just produce the movie with no rewrites despite the high probability it will make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Then, during the press junkets, you guys all dress like hipsters and just tell everyone that they obviously don't understand the message of the film.

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I've played a lot of games, where I've said to myself "I could make a game better than this." As game designers yourselves, I suspect you've played a lot of different games too. Is there a game that was soooooo bad, it actually became the driving force behind your desire to become professional game designers? If not, what is the absolute worst game you've played and why?

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What's so special about orange juice that attempting to drink it after brushing your teeth is like trying to imbibe radioactive sewage?

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I work in construction. Depending on the crew/job I will usually find myself without access to water, sinks/basin etc. On many occasions during long drives we eat many meals in transport. I try during these times to at the very least chew gum for like 10-15 minutes to get the food particles out. Is this method effective? What other options are there?

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Lol, Now you see why I don't bother playing nice.