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They train you guys for life.

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That is a good answer but is in direct contradiction with the frontpage of your site where a partisan article about “unhinged Elizabeth Warren” is currently there

Check for yourself https://www.theamericanconservative.com

As editor are you not aware what is on your front page?

Edit: The comment has been up for more than two hours but suddenly in the last 5 minutes I have suddenly received all kinds of conservative replies. It is almost as if it was organized

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This is the recording I believe.

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Migrant workers are usually very "collective" thinkers and always try to help. Even in individualistic work we try to be a "team" in some shape or form.

Isn't field work paid by amount harvested so that when those other migrant workers are helping OP they are taking time which equals money out of their pocket to do so? Its kind for them to give you that help but not exactly cool for you to choose to put yourself in a place that requires taking that kindness.



The above is an important concept. Poorer folks don't realize the above as a concept but if you interact with folks with money you learn how important the above is in non-poor circles and why folks are groomed to optimize and cultivate it without even consciously knowing it.

Basically this will probably be a cool story to tell other folks when working another high paying job like tech CEOs and their ayahuasca trips a year or two ago or missionary trips in Central America by sororities

Another article about a similar well meaning “experience” https://archive.thinkprogress.org/seven-limes-was-probably-overkill-and-other-lessons-from-gwyneths-failed-food-stamp-challenge-696fc091e6c5/

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It certainly helped that the conservator fully supported his position

That seems odd that to end it the conservator has basically be willing to quit or fire themselves