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Right? I sometimes hear young people talking of revolution in the US, very flippantly. I'm like, christ, do any of you actually know what happens in a revolution? It's nasty nasty shit.

We are so cushioned from reality here that I think people romantisize civil breakdown and war.

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So, I know that are really busy and all, but ummm....would you mind running for office for us? I'll donate to your campaign.

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Jesus. This is a thing isn't it? Mom never actively tried to kill me (that I know of), but was seriously suicidal and made sure that I knew that if she went, so would I.

She killed quite a few household pets.

She also beat me with an electric cord on the regular.

Absolutely terrifying childhood. Have spent decades in counseling for PTSD and have overcome the worst of it. But it remains a burden to this day.

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Get your mom to play. Even old fuddyduddys will find pure chaos enjoyable. And you literally need zero skill to cause massive mayhem on that game.

It's a nice bit of stress reliever.

Signed, Middle aged woman.

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Someone should crosspost this entire thing to WTF. I had no idea people were so fucking serious about their leather.

Something isn't computing...I mean...99.99% of Redditors are way more interested in "How in the fuck did you survive in Mexico under those circumstances, why in the fuck did that happen...and OMFG you are in Rwanda now? Doing business? WTF?!?"

But it's all about, "How do I take care of my leather, and why is your leather inferior to mine..."

Am dreaming this? Yes, I must be dreaming this. This isn't happening.

EDIT; For shits and giggles, I reviewed all of the leather obsessed Redditors accounts. All but one have been on Reddit over a year, 1/2 over two years, some under a year, but over a few months with lots of comment history...

...could it be...could it be that Reddit is completely over the whole, "Yeah, that one crazy time!" shit and just wants to know details about something they need answers to? Oh fuck, my mind is spinning.