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maurorinaldi20002 karma

So would you separate the albumin from blood? There could be a way to just get the albumin from astronauts and be able to give them back the rest of their blood, right? Like how plasma donations work, where the rest of the blood is recirculated back to the donor? If you use whole blood, did you control to check that nothing else in blood interferes with the process? Maybe whole blood doesn't work as well as albumin because of other blood components?

And if you use blood or urea, how do you recycle the precious water? Does your incubator capture the vapours?

Also, can you give us a sense of how much cement your would be getting? Like how long would it take to build a small structure where astronauts could live in, or whatever meaningful thing you would like to build with cement on Mars?

In any case, cool research and I hope it is used for amazing things in the future!