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well from the start there are a ton of taxes, also we have a decent size dev team that are working full time on the game over a long period of time

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we would need to purchase the license for both or premium GM. also its not just as simple as hitting a button. drivers are different and the game is going to have to be made special for each version

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this is a great question! and yes, we like the features that mario maker has of combining and creating cool puzzles. Legend maker will have similar features

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we never considered automated designs, and i can safely say that it probably wont happen. as the kickstarter says if you dont feel like making a level you can just play others. were trying to make the game user friendly as possible. modability is kinda a hard subject. as of right now the only things that are confirmed moddable are texture packs (which wont be sold like minecraft) and also sounds are moddable. as for opportunity for people to make money from levels is pretty slim. were most likely going to have the levels go through steam workshop, and personally i dont think paid mods is a good thing but then again i would like to see people making money from the game. well have to see about that later but still pretty slim

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yea sure, what field are you experienced in?